Workshop for children and parents of the educational group “Cipelići”

On Wednesday, November 15, a workshop was held in the afternoon for parents and children of the educational group “Cipelići”. Parents had the opportunity to participate together with the little ones in the preparation of BiH traditional sweet and savory dishes – apple cider and stuffed peppers. Groups of sweet and savory food, together with their parents, competed to see who would make a traditional dish first, respecting the set rules: share cooking utensils, keep the table neat and clean, do not scatter food, etc.

The little shoes and their parents had a great time and learned a lot. For a job well done, the shoemakers were awarded medals, and the parents were awarded diplomas for participating in the workshop. Thank you to the parents for their cooperation and response.

The tasting of the prepared dishes followed the next day in the course of the directed activity. The children liked the taste of our dishes. In the end, we decided to make a book of recipes so that we could have all the recipes of traditional BiH dishes in one place, for future preparation.

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